Here you can specify your own range to get some specific data displayed.

Provide the beginning and the end of your range.

OR - simply click the button. You will get all the data plotted.

Please specify dates as usually, e.g. July 4, 2011.
If you need to specify time, you may enter July 08, 2011 14:30

The earliest sensor data available are from April 19, 2011.

the beginning of range: (April 18, 2011 is substituted if left blank)
the end of range: (current time is substituted if left blank)

The system generating the plots is slow (it is a low-power Intel Atom netbook). It may take a minute or a few to generate and display the plots. Please be patient!

You CANNOT see the generated plots using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or older. 9 (or newer) should be OK.
Mozilla (and other Gecko-based), Google Chrome (and other Webkit-based), Opera, Safari etc should work well.